5 Things to Pack for your Disney World trip with toddlers!

Living in Florida, we do our fair share of Disney days. Disney World is arguably the MOST family-friendly Florida location; there is SO much to do and see. Even.outside of the parks, all businesses expect to be serving families, making Orlando an easy place to visit with kids. There are tons of blogs out there with advice on how to plan your Disney Day, but I wanted to share some tips on what to BRING if you’re traveling with little ones and looking to keep things simple!

The Obvious

There are some obvious things that I should mention out of necessity, to make sure they’re not overlooked. You have probably already thought of these:

  • Wear Sneakers, or very comfortable walking sandals! The Disney parks are not the place to try out a new pair of shoes, or wear your best wedges or heels. Not only is it hot, but there is a LOT of walking. Some days, we will walk >20,000 steps in the parks. Wear shoes you know are comfortable for long days, and the same goes for your kiddos
  • Bring Sunscreen– and re-apply often.
  • Wear comfortable, breathable clothing- activewear, loose shorts, tshirt/tanktop. Attempt dresses or tight/restrictive clothing at your own risk 🙂

What to bring for Babies

My kids are currently 3 years old and 1 year old. We did a recent Disney trip during which we shared one hotel room for the 4 of us, and stayed 3 days. It was surprisingly drama-free! I am always surprised just how adaptable kids can be. There are a few things that make it easier to pack everyone into one hotel room:

1. A good travel crib

I am a fan of the traditional Graco pack and play, but I personally don’t bring mine for overnight trips. It is bulky and cumbersome to set up, and takes up too much space in my trunk. For both my kids, we have used the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. Here are the main pros:

  • It packs away neatly into it’s travel bag, becoming fairly flat and rectangular, which makes it fit easily in the trunk with all our suitcases
  • it’s light, weighing only 13 lbs
  • the mattress is included
  • the mattress rests on the floor, making it a good option to age 3, as weight restriction can be higher!
  • easy to buy replacement sheets on amazon
  • completely breathable mesh sides
  • and finally, the most important pro: IT FITS IN MOST BATHROOMS!!!

Regarding my last point above- my number one travel hack for traveling with two small kids is to put one of their travel cribs in the bathroom overnight, so they don’t wake each other. If you’re anything like us, your kids still occasionally wake up overnight and that’s what makes it hard to share a room on vacation. This solution has worked for us on almost EVERY trip. We put my daughter in her travel crib in the bathroom, turn on her sound machine, and VOILA-you’ve made a makeshift nursery.

2. Speaking of Sound Machines…

Ours is a must-have, not only for vacation but every night at home. It really does help drown out ambient noise, and the familiar sound lulls them right to sleep. We have this one: Hatch Rest Mini Sound Machine

3. An Easy Stroller

You absolutely can rent a stroller at the park, but I have always preferred to bring my own. This way, you have it with you for the other things you do in Orlando, for getting to and from your hotel room or resort pool, Disney Springs, or any other time you might not want to be carrying your babies. I did bring my baby wraps when my kids were infants, however it can get quite hot and it’s nice to be able to put them down. We have a bugaboo stroller at home, but it has many parts and is quite bulky. For traveling, I purchased a separate double stroller that we have really loved: Joovy Kooper X2 Double Stroller:

  • This stroller is SO EASY to open or collapse, I can really do it with one hand while holding a child.
  • it is light, weighing just 28 lbs.
  • folds up very flat, takes up minimal space in a trunk considering it’s a double stroller
  • can fold WITH THE SNACK TRAYS ON– genius!
  • reclines
  • the ride is smooth
  • ample undercarriage space
  • fits through most doorways (even single doorways) without issue
  • cup holders and zipper pockets on the back of the seats for mom and dad 🙂

4. Compact bottle drying rack

If you still have a child taking a bottle, you know how much work it can be to keep all the parts clean when you’re on the go. Definitely bring a travel-size bottle of dish soap with you, as well as a sponge, and THIS:MOTHER-K Travel Baby Bottle Drying Rack Set, Including Bottle Brush and Travel Bottle

  • This fits on most hotel countertops, and keeps your bottles and accessories tidy while they dry
  • the brush is made of silicone and useful in different bottle shapes/sizes
  • I also use this to dry my toddler’s sippy cups and related parts
  • it folds up for easy packing! it’s about the size of a makeup case.

5. A battery operated, clip-on personal fan

It’s hot, there’s no way around it. I highly recommend bringing a fan that you can clip on to your stroller to keep the little ones cool. We have used ours for years. This one has rechargeable batteries: xasla 10000mAh Portable Clip on Fan, 8 inch Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan.

Have FUN!

My final piece of advice when it comes to Disney and toddlers/babies is this: let go of expectations. Understand that your young children might not enjoy it in the way you expect them to, or might be afraid of some of the rides. They may get hot and cranky. BUT- they will also enjoy all the ice cream, fun characters, parades, and special time with you. The less you try to force yourself to have a particular kind of good time, the more of a good time you’ll have ! Utilize your hotel pool, build in time for rest, and don’t beat yourself up if everything you plan doesn’t pan out exactly as you’d like. The fun is in the journey 🙂